For long term permanent fixing and joining of carpets, carpet tiles and carpet skirtings.

Suitable for odor sensitive areas (eg.: Hospitals, Hotels, Office, Homes, Children’s area and etc…)

Made with a high bond solvent-less adhesive, it is safe to be used. Rip resistant and waterproof.

Reliable and quick installation without solvent fumes.



Exhibition Carpet Tape, developed with professional carpet layers for professional carpet layersTHE PERFECT BALANCE!

Look NO FURTHER!, we know exactly what you need.

DIFFERENTIAL ADHESIVE SYSTEM, clean removal adhesive on the open side combined with ultra strong adhesive on the close side.

Saves time during installation. Grid, apply tape, line up carpets, remove liner, trim carpet and you are done.

Removal of this tape after any show is a hassle free job as it can be remove easily and clean.

Tape can also be removed from the carpets for recycling purpose.

Suitable for Single-Side & Double-Sided carpets used in EXPO.

XORA DIE CUT TAPE Sdn Bhd is recognized as the leading DIE CUT TAPE manufacturer and distributor of DIE CUT tapes in Malaysia. We founded in 2008, XORA DIE CUT TAPE estalbished a good reputation as the leading player in the industry, because of commitment management team to build good quality products and with excellence customer services. With years of experience in the industry, XORA DIE CUT TAPE has proved customers satisfaction guarantee.
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