ANTI SLIP TAPE can be applied onto most surfaces and will instantly provide high quality, anti slip protection that meets safety standards throughout the World. Available in Red/White or Yellow/Black Hazzard Warning Stripes. Other widths available pro rata. Cleats also available on request.

Slip related injuries are getting more common as we progress. Prevention is the very first step with ourĀ ANTI SLIP TAPE, made tough, our durable adhesive baked grit will keep you in balance.

Use it indoors & outdoors, easy installation – clean surface, just peel off the paper backing and press in place, it’s ready!

XORA DIE CUT TAPE Sdn Bhd is recognized as the leading DIE CUT TAPE manufacturer and distributor of DIE CUT tapes in Malaysia. We founded in 2008, XORA DIE CUT TAPE estalbished a good reputation as the leading player in the industry, because of commitment management team to build good quality products and with excellence customer services. With years of experience in the industry, XORA DIE CUT TAPE has proved customers satisfaction guarantee.
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